Rusty (John) Wheeler

Ask anyone in the pool community anywhere in the world and everyone knows of or has heard of Rusty “Bucket” Wheeler. Rusty’s flair for the game is outstanding and unlike any other player the world has ever seen. It is this flair and somewhat arrogance that has seen him win EVERY major tournament in Australia including two Australian Titles. He has captained the Australian 8 Ball team to the World Championships.

In his own right Rusty is also a very successful business owner and runs his own Kerbing company together with his wife and two adorable girls.

Rusty makes a huge contribution to Snooker World and has just started his own Pool Academy training juniors to be the next world champions right through to the older generation who just want to improve their game.

Mark and Melissa

Nobody loves the game of pool more than Mark. His dedication and love of the business is outstanding! Mark is one of the hardest working people you will ever meet. He is non-stop and strives to make Snooker World a huge success! Being profoundly deaf is no challenge and the customers love him! He is responsible for keeping the tables in top class condition and also as an additional service, re-cloths tables both within Snooker World and for customers at an awesome rate!

Melissa runs two other very successful businesses on the Gold Coast. Melissa is responsible for the smooth running of the business, staffing and generally oversees all aspects of the business. Melissa can not play pool to save herself but LOVES the game!

Kirsten and Ritchie

Kirsten is a Speech Pathologist and Ritchie is a Fireman at Brisbane airport. Their contribution to the business is fantastic and they both love the game of pool.